The Association of Chartered Certied Accountants (ACCA Pakistan), Pakistan Business Council’s (PBC) Centre for Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB) and The Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG) held a high-powered virtual roundtable on “Rebuilding a greener, more inclusive and prosperous recovery in Pakistan.” Whilst the engine is still hot, ACCA, PBC and PICG believe that a “Call to Action” should be one of the outputs of our initiative.

All panellists believed time is of the essence because of the rapid demise of our environment, our social fabric and our governance all requiring urgent but systemic remedial action. There is no better time than the present when the critical need for ESG is accepted to voice, share and escalate key actions to catalyse our outcomes.

We have categorised our call to action into the four R’s: (i) redene Governance; (ii) responsible business conduct; (iii) reward and recognition; (iv) regulatory action.