Transforming Business Culture

Transforming Business Culture

Transforming Business Culture refers to the need of scaling up a company’s efforts in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainable development in order to address systematic environmental and societal risks, challenges and opportunities.

At the core of the transformation lies the linking of the business model to sustainable value creation. This requires businesses to take a closer look at the company purpose, mission, vision and values, and hold everyone accountable to uphold them.

At CERB, our emphasis is to identify elements which enable companies to move forward on responsible business – with a focus on sustainable development as its core. This can be enabled through establishing and disclosing performance on material non-financial targets in the same manner as material financial targets. Hence, a transformational company culture supports acquiring both the technical expertise and policies for maintaining the highest standards for company performance.

In the course of CERBs engagement cycle, CERB will identify the best practices in reporting, and how businesses can commit to and report on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The most significant challenge companies can face is establishing the right internal cultural mind-set. Many employees in the management team do not see the link between sustainability and financial performance. CERB can assist your organization in developing its materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement strategy. This will help in linking sustainability with financial performance in the different organizational units. CERB can also assist your organization by providing opportunities to network and learn from other professionals in the industry.



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By: A. F. Ferguson & Co. (a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers), Javeria Ameen, Nazish Shekha (Head of Research, CERB)


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